$249                New Weight Loss Patient
Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will get to know you as they obtain
your medical history, and weight loss goals.  

A physician will  then meet with you to review your medical history , any
medications you are currently taking, and any other questions you may have.
Together you will review options available for medications and supplements,
and your nutrition plan will be adjusted to fit your individual needs.
The cost of the New Patient Visit includes two B12 injections and one month
supply of our fat burner supplement.  It also includes a customized nutrition and
modest exercise plan.

At the end of your initial visit you will have the confidence of knowing that your
program is safe, effective, and designed just for you. You will leave our office
$99.00                4 Follow up visits with B12/ Amino injections ( over 30% savings)

$349.00               w/ full month of Medifast meals (save $90/month)

$35.00                Weekly visit with B12/ Amino injections
$299.50               4 weeks Medifast Meals
$154.50               2 weeks Medifast Meals

Vitamin Supplements
We offer a line of vitamin supplements that can be taken in conjunction with our

$15.00                Raspberry Ketone/ month supply

Ask us about the free phone app that updates our
track your diet and activity level while providing
you with healthy eating tips.
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